Bespoke hospitality packages tailored to your business

At Glass Ceiling we offer a range of consultancy services and bespoke rejuvenation packages for your business. We can build and execute a plan to succeed in any hospitality sector, with our programme.


Our bespoke initial 8-week package is designed to build trade and tidy up your bottom line. Starting with a dedicated 1-Day Hospitality Workshop at your business location.

We offer 3-month, 6-month or 12-month future packages where you have the freedom to call in crisis, bounce around ideas and see your action plan through together with our regular predetermined check-ins and programme stages.

These dynamic packages are individually tailored to your specific business needs.



A transformational 8-week package includes the following programme;

  • Week 1 - Current Business Position

  • Week 2 - Solid Foundations

  • Week 3 - Profitability

  • Week 4 - Increasing Sales

  • Week 5 - Profit Maximisation

  • Week 6 - Marketing

  • Week 7 - Efficiency Improvements

  • Week 8 - Business Review / 12-Month Plan

Above all... Be there for you and your business to grow. Interested? Let's talk...


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