"The sky has no limits. 

Neither should you. "

At Glass Ceiling we offer a range of services and packages for your business. We can help to build and execute a plan to succeed in any hospitality business; whether it's the local cafe or a high street restaurant.

  • The biggest battle for any food business is filling seats… We can build plans together to make this happen through a variety of proven techniques.

  • Once people are in the building its all about devising sales plans, up-selling and maximising every sale from the guest… We will build these training plans and strategies to make this happen.

  • Can we diversify? Do we have a unique selling point? How do we think outside the box? What do our guests really want… better yet, what do our potential guests want?


Lets answer these questions together...



" Bounce ideas,

deliver a plan,

execute a dream to

reinvigorate a passion. "


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Image by Armando Ascorve Morales


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