"Bounce ideas, deliver a plan,

execute a dream to reinvigorate a passion."

At Glass Ceiling we are experts across a wide range of hospitality sectors including pubs and bars, restaurants and cafes, new startups and maximising outdoor spaces. We can help to build and execute a plan to succeed in any hospitality business.

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Creep out tentatively and go unnoticed or flourish through your business passion, planning and good old British perseverance... It’s you call!

Recent events have changed industries, sectors, economies and social activities. An obvious statement, but what does the future hold... Are you planning on reopening in a past market that no longer exists as we once knew it?

A valuable question.


Here’s another... What are we going to do about it?


We should talk about which trends have lapsed. We should talk about what people now value. We should talk about what people now want, need and desire from the hospitality industry...


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