1-Day Business Consultancy

At Glass Ceiling we offer a range of consultancy services and bespoke packages for your business. We can help to build and execute a plan to succeed in any hospitality sector.

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

I can help you get there with a detailed and bespoke diagnostics plan. A full day dedicated to your business, observing opportunities to grow, analysing the scope to maximise profits and building a plan for the future together.



We can;

  • Build a local marketing plan

  • Facilitate an epic social media campaign

  • Transform your online presence

  • Organise evens to generate sales

  • Write attractive new menus with profitability and sales at the heart

  • Implement loyalty incentives

  • Redesign your food and drink service areas to maximise efficiency

  • Implement cost saving initiatives across all of your accounts

  • Create recruitment plans for all levels of your team

  • Build specific training plans based on your business needs

  • Rejuvenate redundant areas into key business profit drivers

  • Renegotiate contracts with suppliers to improve profit margins

  • Conduct hygiene audits

  • Implement stock and cash control systems

Above all... Be there for you and your business to grow. Interested? Let's talk...


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Let's talk. Tell us about your business...